Organization Update

As you know, I’ve been working towards organizing a plethora of closets, nightstands, dressers, and lots of household items in my life. After all, it’s a new year and the best time to rid my life of all of the clutter surrounding me.

So far, I have tackled several of the areas on my list:


As you can see, I’ve crossed some things off, but also added a few more.

I am really happy with the things I have organized so far, though. They all look so neat and clean and I am making sure to keep them that way.

For the Christmas ornaments, I did use one of the tricks I saw on Pinterest (find it on my Christmas board). It was super easy and a great way to store everything in a space-saving way but also that will keep the breakables safe. Additionally, they will be easy to get out next Christmas, since they are not stuffed in a bin filled with wasted tissue paper. I highly recommend using this method if you have yet to put away your ornaments!

I am strangely looking forward to the rest of my organization and will keep you updated on how it goes and any fun tips and tricks I’m using! Check out my progress so far below:




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