Craft Craze: Map Pictures

For Christmas, I had so many aspirations to craft decorations and gifts that I simply did not fulfill. My Pinterest boards were bursting at the seams with ideas that when I originally pinned was so excited over and nearly ran out to the store right then and there to buy the supplies, but by the time the season rolled around I had no time to even think about crafting, let alone actually doing them.

With that said, I am saving many of those crafts for next year.

I did, however, craft one gift during the holiday season.

I have always loved the map crafts that I see all over Pinterest. You know, the ones with the heart around a certain location on the map? They are so cute and actually mean something.


So I put my own spin on one of these creations as a gift for my parents, highlighting family pictures and one of their favorite vacation spots – St. Maarten.

Here’s how it turned out:


This craft was obviously super easy and actually came out really cute!

Hopefully throughout this year and during the next Christmas season I will craft much, much more (especially decorations!).

What crafts did you do over the holidays? How did they turn out?


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