Books on my Shelf: Memoirs

As you know about me by now, I love to read. One of my favorite things about reading is how there are so many genres to delve into and so many interesting types of stories to read. Reading, even when you don’t realize it, is a great learning experience. The thing is, it’s dressed in fun.

Anyways, one of the genres that I’ve begun delving into and can’t wait to explore more is memoirs. These are great reads because you learn someone’s true story. It is so amazing that someone can share so much about their life with complete strangers and really let you in to the personal details of their story.

I have read several really great memoirs.

The first one is A Stolen Life, which I previously blogged about and you can read about it here.

Next, I read a really inspiring story called Ryan White: My Own Story. This was such an amazing life story from someone so young who was forced to face such hardship and discrimination. I remember my mom suggested I read it and I was totally uninterested, but by the end of it I couldn’t put it down. This is such an unexpected amazing read that will truly impact you.

Another great memoir was Alice Sebold’s Lucky. The author of the famous book The Lovely Bones shares her life story and this is a truly compelling read that will keep you turning pages like nothing else! Especially for women, this is an inspiring book that will bring you to tears.

Do you have any suggestions for memoirs that I should add on my “To-Read” list? Let me know!



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