Enjoy the Little Things

Everyone has those things that make them so happy yet they are so simple.

Life’s simple pleasures are some of the greatest things because they spur so much happiness but are so, so tiny and little.

There are tons of little things that make me happy on a daily basis, and following suit with my personality, most of them are really, really weird. Of course, I love the typical things like everyone else does – finding $5 in your jean pocket, for example – but I also get pleasure out of other semi-insane things. See below:

simple pleasures

  1. Seeing animals – I always used to make fun of my mom when she would get so excited when she saw a deer (I mean, we live in New England and they’re all over), but I am the exact same way. I get so happy when I see a deer and if I see a bunny, I absolutely freak out (but really).
  2. Prank calls – I have absolutely no idea why and it’s completely immature, but I love prank calling people. My sister and I think it’s so hilarious as do some of my best friends. I just can’t resist it and I enjoy every single second of it.
  3. Nice texts – this is one of my more normal pleasures. I love getting nice texts that make me smile, laugh, or remind me how great life is. They can truly make my day. As simple as that!
  4. Finding favorites – I have so many favorite products that were long ago discontinued, but every once in a while I stumble across them in a store. For example, there is this one chapstick that I absolutely love but can never, ever find anymore. Last spring, though, I went to the outlets and found it and bought about five sticks! What a find and addition to my day!
  5. Footbaths – the Christmas during my freshman year of college, I really wanted a footbath for Christmas. Everyone in my family thought this was so weird, but I was so happy when it was under the tree. I love doing footbaths and having makeshift spa nights with my sister. It is so simple but so relaxing and fun and it always makes me happy.

Simple pleasures are such great surprises and additions to life. I mean, any way that allows you to be almost effortlessly happy has to be great!

Like the Zac Brown Band song says, it’s the little things in life that means the most. What could be more true?!


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