Beauty Blitz: Detox Foods

As the holiday season is officially over, I am definitely feeling the need to diet and cleanse my system.

After consuming endless peppermint mochas, Dunkaccinos, cookies, pies, chips, candy canes, champagne, soda, and everything else that was placed in front of me…I feel so gross.

One of the best ways, in my opinion, to get rid of that gross feeling after eating all of that food is detoxing.

This time I am definitely not going too crazy with the detox, still eating some real food. I am, however, making small changes to my diet to cleanse my system.

I am trying to add foods that are strong detoxers to my diet. For instance, lemons are one of the best foods for this, so each morning I have been drinking iced or even hot lemon water when I wake up.

Other good foods to detox you naturally are fresh fruits (stay away from bananas, though), fresh veggies (especially cucumbers), garlic, ginger, green tea,  and leafy greens.

The other very important aspect to detoxing is drinking lots and lots of water. I have been running to the bathroom about 10 times a day at work (embarrassingly) because of all the water I’m drinking! But drinking all this water is a great way to flush your system of toxins and impurities and it has tons of other health benefits, too – clear skin, boosted immune system, and so on.

What ways do you cleanse your system after the inevitable holiday binge eating?

detox foods

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