Words of the Week: Dreams

This week’s words are so inspiring and I believe that every person should follow this mantra:


When you think about it, almost everything we have (and love) probably started with a dream. The computers and gadgets we use every day were once someone’s dream and vision. The universities we attend or companies we work for once didn’t exist, and were built from the ground up – feeding off of dreams. So many parts of our lives that we couldn’t imagine living without have been fueled and started by mere dreams that hard work and dedication transformed into realities.

 I believe that people should dream about things they wish to accomplish every single day – no matter what age he or she is. I know that I personally dream about things that I yearn for all the time. I have dreams about love, family, and work. I have realistic dreams and I have outlandish ones. I have dreams that will work fabulously together and others that are conflicting. All in all, my mind is full of wants, desires, and elaborate visions.

Furthermore, my dreams are a driving force behind many of the things I do, work I put forth, and actions I take.

Everyone should have dreams that inspire them to work hard every day. You never know what a certain dream is going to prompt you to do; you might just stumble upon something amazing on your quest towards one vision.

Never be afraid to dream because what you want might never happen. After a lot of hard work, if you’re very lucky, everything you desire will be yours.

But it all starts with a dream.


2 thoughts on “Words of the Week: Dreams

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