New Year’s Organization

I’ve been blogging a lot lately about New Year’s resolutions. I’m super motivated this year to keep up with my resolutions so that at the end of 2013, I can be proud of myself and feel great about my accomplishments. Additionally, all my resolutions are to better me, so why wouldn’t I want to accomplish that?

Anyways, one of my biggest resolutions is to organize my entire life really well. For the most part, especially this past semester, I’m really organized. But there are definitely aspects of my life that could stand more organization.

For instance, I am really looking forward to organizing parts of my room and bathroom over break. I have a really long list of things that need organization:


I am so excited to begin this project. I will be sharing with you some before and after photos as I go through organizing and sharing my favorite tips and tricks. I have a feeling my label maker will be used!

I also have found a lot of fun organization tips on Pinterest and put them on a special board. Pinterest is filled with so many great ideas and tips that are so helpful and I can’t wait to use so many of them!

Can’t wait to share all my organization progress with you over the next two weeks! Be on the lookout.



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