Monday Getaway: Atlantis

Just yesterday, my family and I watched a TV special all about the Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas.

My family has so many great memories from that resort, and it’s truly one of the most amazing places ever. There is no where else like it.

My sister and I love being there because it is just so fun. We love the lazy river and water slides and just exploring. We’re definitely big beach girls (everyone in my family loves the beach), but when we’re at Atlantis there are so many things to do that we are just having so much fun doing other things that we don’t spend nearly as much time laying out there as we do at other beaches on different vacations.

Another aspect of the resort that I love is the marine wildlife. They have one of the largest marine habitats in the world and it is so amazing to look at all of them. I love the dolphins and manta rays, but there are so many different sea animals to see and learn about.

Besides that, the Atlantis is filled with amazing architecture, food, shops, pools…and all around fun. It is truly an experience unlike any other and one you will never, ever forget. I know I will always treasure the memories I have there with my family and some great friends.





One thought on “Monday Getaway: Atlantis

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