Sticking to a Budget

One of my New Year’s resolutions that I made is to stay on a (semi) strict budget. Since I’m graduating in the spring, it’s important that I start saving money on a better schedule and bigger scale. I have a lot of goals set for myself in the years after graduation, and in order to meet them a budget is important.

I have always worked since I turned 16, and I’m so glad that my parents instilled a great work ethic in me. I truly do know the value of working for your money.

But, I have always loved shopping. There is always something inside of me that pushes me to look for deals and spend.

There just always seems to be something I can’t resist on Rue La La or for sale at J.Crew that has me entering my credit card info in and clicking submit. I mean, who doesn’t love having new things? I know it certainly do.

But this year, I have made a vow to myself to stay on a budget. And I fully intend to keep it (I am very committed to all my resolutions this year).

I’m not really good with numbers, math, and finance, so I am taking my time mapping everything out. I have actually found some great ideas on Pinterest about how to budget effectively and am getting a lot of advice from my dad, who is really great at saving.

Also, I have some ideas of my own of how to stick to my budget. Here are my best ones:

  1. Remember my goal – as you know, I’m all about the quote “Make Yourself Proud.” This can be applied to all my resolutions as a reminder to stick to them. As long as I silently remind myself every day of my goal, I believe it will be enough motivation to keep myself from spending.
  2. Envelope budgeting – Like I said, I have gotten a bunch of ideas from Pinterest on how to budget. I saw a really great one called “envelope budgeting” where when you’re going somewhere, say the grocery store, you set up an envelope with the amount of money you’re allowed to spend there. You can’t go over and that’s it! Such a simple idea but such an easy one to follow.
  3. Want vs. Need – half of the time that I end up buying things, it’s to fill a want rather than a need. Then, to be honest, half the things I buy end up sitting in my closet or drawer completely unused for so long. I need to better ask myself during shopping whether the things I’m considering purchasing are a want or a need and whether or not I’ll actually use them.
  4. Don’t impulse buy – so many times, I come across a sale and end up buying something I totally don’t need on an impulse. If I’m considering buying something, I need to think about it for at least a few days if I’m unsure whether I’ll really need it or use it.
  5. Rediscover old items – I have so many things in my closet, room, and dressers that I barely ever use. Many of them if I took the time to look at them and pair them up with certain items, it’d be like having brand new stuff without having to spend any money! Once I clean out my closet and room (more to come on this…) I will have uncovered so much forgotten clothing that it will be like having a brand new wardrobe, eliminating the need to shop.

What are your best budget tips and tricks? I am definitely looking for more advice!



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