The Best Post Christmas Sales

Now that Christmas is officially over, all the shopping is done for a while, right?!

Wrong. There are too many deals right now to pass up!

I was at the mall yesterday and can’t believe all of the great sales that are going on. This is a great time to stock up on clothes and even some Christmas gifts for next year, if you’re feeling ambitious and will remember where you put them, that is.

Here are the best post season sales that I’m currently shopping:

1.       Expressionery- this is one of my favorite sales ever and I wait for it all year. This is also one of the best stationery sites to shop! Right now almost all of their clearance items are 60% off and the rest of the site is 35% off. This is a great time to stock up on stationery for the year at a great price.

2.       Bath & Body Works – get up to 75% off during their semi-annual sale. There are so many great deals going on right now there, my favorite being discounted Wallflower refills and buy two, get two free on Aromatherapy products.

3.       Victoria’s Secret – Like B&B Works, they are having their semi-annual sale and there are lots of deals. I love getting body sprays and makeup during this sale at great prices!

4.       Vineyard Vines – the much loved Whale of a Sale is going on now at VV and there are tons of great items to buy for a steal. I am even thinking of getting some of the holiday pajamas and saving them as last minute gifts for next Christmas!

5.       The Loft – I went a little crazy at Ann Taylor’s Loft and got tons of great clothes to wear. From work clothes to casual clothes, from headbands to shoes to jewelry, you can’t beat their sale and their clothes are some of my favorites! I especially love the big bow sweater I got there to feed my ever growing bow obsession.

Even though the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a few last purchases. After all, who doesn’t want to ring in the New Year with new stuff? (Fabulous stuff at even more fabulous prices, I might add!)



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