Beauty Blitz: Cosmetic Case Musts

For Christmas, I got the adorable Vineyard Vines Pi Beta Phi cosmetic case. I am so excited about it and will probably transition it over to being my every day one because it’s just that cute.

Anyways, basically no matter where I go, I always have a cosmetics case in my purse.  You never know when you are going to need many of the things that go inside of it, and I’ve found myself using at least several things from it almost every day.

It’s also much easier to use a cosmetics case because it keeps everything together instead of letting it float around in your purse. This way, if you need anything, you know exactly where it is and don’t have to dig for it. It also helps keep your purse much neater. Finally, this makes switching purses for any reason a breeze because you can simply move it from bag to bag.

Here are the must haves in my on-the-go cosmetic case:

1.       Lip balm – there is nothing worse than having chapped lips and not being able to do anything about it. I have two in my case at all times.

2.       A small mirror – good to check your makeup or if you have anything in your teeth after a meal.

3.       Hand sanitizer – I always have this because I am a total germaphobe!

4.       Bobby pins – if your hair is anything but mine, you get this. I need them available at all times in case I need to pin my hair back because it gets too crazy or is too in my face

5.       Hair ties – see bobby pins. Same idea.

6.       Band aids – there have been so many times that people have needed these from me because they didn’t have one! Also great for blisters from new shoes. This is a must.

7.       Hand lotion – I hate having dry hands so I always keep a tiny bottle of lotion just in case.

8.       Pocket packet of tissues – whether it’s for throwing out gum or blowing your nose, it’s always good to have at least one of these around.

9.       Perfume – I always keep the Bath & Body Works “Dancing Waters” perfume stick in here as well as little perfume samples I’ve collected in case I ever leave the house without putting any on.

10.   Deodorant – this may seem weird but I always keep a travel deodorant in here in case I happen to need it. I’m not even a big sweater but I still find it useful, especially for a long day.

11.   A toothbrush – No, I’m not one of those freakish people that brushes my teeth after lunch at school or work, but I find this useful when traveling. Have you ever packed everything under the sun for a trip but forgotten a toothbrush? This eliminates that possibility because I always have this case with me, whether it’s just on errands or on a trip.

12.   Asprin – I barely ever take an Advil, but it’s good to have this for emergencies or for others if they ever need it. I just get the travel sized tube and keep refilling it whenever it empties.

13.   A nail file – jagged nails get caught on everything and often times cause a break. Not to mention they’re annoying! For that reason, I always have a nail file handy.

14.   Face blotting tissues – an oily face after a long day ruins makeup and clogs your pores. To avoid this, I always keep the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Face Blotting Tissues in my case and actually use them often to get rid of any excess oil.

I know this seems like a truly excessive list and like it is way too much stuff to carry around, but if you get the small, travel sized versions of everything it stays really compact in your cosmetics case.

At first I thought of calling this an emergency kit but then stopped myself. It is more of an every day kit because I use many of these items, well…every day!

 This is the perfect every day kit to carry around and I promise you’ll use more of it than you would have guessed.

 must haves


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