Preppy Products: Ribbon Belts

Any preppy girl loves ribbon. Ribbon belts, ribbon key chains, hair ribbon, ribbon just for the sake of, well…ribbon! It is just a preppy staple.

Anyways, I recently got a ribbon belt from Tutees Ribbon. And, guess what?! I love it!

It is so adorable and perfect for every day wear. I love the preppy pattern and how petite and dainty it is for a ribbon belt.

See, I have a bunch of ribbon belts I’ve collected throughout the years. For instance, the Vineyard Vines ones are great, but they are often times super thick for me. Tutees are very thin and I love that look.

This shop has so many belts to choose from that it’s almost impossible to pick just one!

The customer service of this shop is great as well, as the owner clearly cares about the satisfaction of her customers.

If you’re a preppy girl, you need to add one of these belts to your collection!




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