Monday Getaway: Sea World

The other night I was talking about Sea World when I was out to dinner.

I know so many people that love Disney and have so many fun family memories there.

Whenever we went to Disney, my sister was terrified of all the characters dressed up and of most of the rides.

So, it’s not that I don’t love Disney, it’s just that it was never convenient for my family to be there, considering how scared my sister always was.

Anyways, in lieu of Disney we visited Sea World.

For some reason I always loved being there, watching the sea animal shows and I especially loved looking at the penguins and the sea lion show always made me laugh.

My family and I have always loved the ocean and I think that’s why we had so much fun learning about and watching these magical sea animals.

We have a lot of fun family memories there and I always ask my dad to go back whenever we’re in Florida.

What are your favorite Sea World or Disney memories?




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