Paper, Please!: Holiday Thank You’s

As the holidays are just about over – there is certainly still some business to take care of: thank you cards.

I am a little bit psychotic when it comes to TY notes, as I am always sure to send them out in a timely manner. In fact, mine are already in the mail as we speak!

There are so many great holiday thank you cards out there to choose from. This is the last chance of the year to showcase Santa, Christmas tree, and all holiday art, so you mine as well take advantage of it!

All of the cards below are from either Tiny Prints, Card Store, or Expressionery. Expressionery is currently having their 60% clearance sale which I shop every year where you can get some great personalized Christmas TY cards for super cheap…I highly recommend checking it out!

Shutterfly, Pear Tree Greetings, Vista Print, The Stationery Studio, and many other sites also have awesome card to choose from.

Finally, it could be so fun to send a New Year’s card as not only a well-wish for a great year ahead but as a holiday thank you. Sites like Tiny Prints have so many great New Year’s cards to choose from!

When writing a thank you card, make sure to keep them neat and concise. However, be sure to make them personal and not too generic.

Whatever cards you decide to send, make sure to send some kind of thank you notes! After all, it is the polite thing to do!




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