Holiday Traditions

Since yesterday was Christmas, I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas time traditions with you.

Traditions are such a special part of any holiday, but during Christmas they seem especially…perfect.

Here are my favorite yearly traditions that the holidays absolutely wouldn’t be the same without:

  1. Ornament exchange – every year at Christmas dinner, everyone at the table gets an ornament. Usually the ornaments reflect something special about you or something you like, for instance my Grandpa got a golfing Santa. It is such a fun thing to do every year and it is so fun to look back on the ornaments each year while decorating the tree.
  2. Christmas jammies – Pajamas are one of my biggest obsessions as it is, so holiday jammies are just that much better. For literally as long as I remember, my sister and I have gotten matching pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve and wear while we open our gifts. I love wearing them both that night and on many others to come.
  3. Baking – as you’ve probably figured out, I love to bake, and the holidays are no exception. I love making special recipes for Christmas – both yearly pieces as well as trying new recipes that really capture the spirit of the season.
  4. Christmas house – in our town, we have a Christmas house literally millions of lights set up outside of it. Everyone goes and walks around and just enjoys the lights. There are little houses, characters, and stations set up to enjoy. It is so much fun and such a fun tradition to keep every year to go at least once to see the lights.
  5. Coffee Cake -Christmas morning simply wouldn’t be the same without my moms Jewish Coffee Cake. This may sound really weird and ironic, but it’s our favorite breakfast and the only one we would accept on Christmas morning. It is a delicious homemade coffee cake that I always remember as being so delicious. I think every year it gets better and better, and I love having it in the mornings after Christmas a well.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! Since I shared with you, tell me: what are your favorite holiday traditions?

holiday cookies!

holiday cookies!

my sister and I in our christmas jammies yesterday!

my sister and I in our christmas jammies yesterday!

a small portion of the christmas house!

a small portion of the christmas house!


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