Words of the Week: Gossip Girl Inspired

Gossip Girl is not only a fabulous show but it is now over for good, as the series finale aired a few weeks ago.I’ve been loving GG since middle school when reading the books and then fell in love with the show when it began (although I haven’t watched the final season yet).

Besides being a dramatic, juicy, and scandalous show, it is also filled with great quotes.

Here are some of my favorites:




I love the first quote, as champagne is probably my favorite beverage ever, besides coffee.

With that said, I can’t help but totally agree with the Gossip Girl state of mind that says champagne and mimosas are always appropriate.

Something about champagne and mimosas makes them fun and celebratory no matter when you’re having them.

Whether the situation is good or bad, champagne can make anything better.

Next, the second quotes is one of my favorites ever. It reminds me so well that there are so many times where life gets too crazy and you simply have to step outside. There are so many days where I am so caught up in the madness that I begin to lose site of who I am and where I want to be going.

Finally, the last quote is perfect. When you find something you truly love – whether it be a person or a thing – you should never, ever, ever give up on it.

Blair Waldorf has the best advice, in my opinion.


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