Gift Wrapping

Wrapping presents is one of my favorite things to do. Naturally, around Christmas time, there are many presents to be wrapped and I find it so fun.

I love making gifts look pretty and perfect. Big bows, adorable paper, and perfect creases and folds are so appealing to me and look so beautiful under the tree.

This year I’m loving wrapping paper with snowmen as well as this adorable Grinch paper I found! So adorable!

Here are some of my favorite gift wrapping styles:

  1. Simple, Plain, and Classic – I love very simple wrapping paper because it is understated but completely perfect for the season. This is one wrapping look you can’t go wrong with!
  2. Kiddie Like – I don’t know why, but I am always drawn to the kid-styled Christmas wrapping papers in the stores. I love the Rudolph and Frosty ones and always ask my mom to wrap my gifts in them (she doesn’t). These are such classic characters that make the season and they look great on gifts.
  3. Bows – As you know, I love bows! There are great sites explaining how to do fancy present bows that you can utilize to make your gifts wow this year, just from the wrapping! A bow with simple paper is my favorite way to go when it comes to wrapping.
  4. Bags – especially when it comes to weirdly shaped items, it’s easier to plop them in a bag. Make it cute, though! Find adorable bags with cute characters or designs on them and dress it up with cute tissue paper…maybe even with some sparkles!
  5. Special Orders – sometimes gifts require special dressing. Using cellophane or even goody bags with curling ribbon is always so appealing and fun. When it comes to gifts that require out-of-the ordinary wrapping, have fun with it!

What are your favorite ways to wrap presents? Do you love doing it like I do or do you consider it a tedious task?

christmas gifts


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