Paper, Please!: Christmas Greeting Cards

While Christmas is certainly a time for gift giving, my favorite part of a gift has always been a card. Whether I’m giving or receiving, no present is complete without a card with a nice message inside.

Many times we are so busy wrapping up gifts that we forget to include a card on Christmas to our loved ones.

Christmas is a perfect time to remind someone how much you love them, how lucky you are to have them in your life, or to say a simple thank you for the many things they do for you throughout the year.

Giving and getting presents is always nice and super fun, but especially this time of year, it’s important to remember why we give them: to spread love, to say thanks, to say “I appreciate you” or remind someone why they deserve something special.

I love these holiday cards from the Card Store. They are so adorable and whimsical.

The best thing about the Card Store holiday card selection is they have something for every taste. From tropical cards (see the hula reindeer) to whimsical and cute (see the skiing santa…love the watercolor feel!) to cards animal lovers cannot resist (see the grumpy cat!) they definitely have it all. I had so much fun just looking at them and I can’t imagine how fun it will be to actually give them.

Whatever card you decide to give, make sure that on the inside you take the time out of this busy season to include a meaningful message that will make someone else’s holiday. I know I keep cards like that forever, and I’m sure others do too.



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