Keep Calm and Stitch On

I am sure that almost everyone has seen the “Keep Calm and…” quotes and graphics. I mean, they are totally cute, trendy, and many of them have a great message!

To go off of that saying, I recently stumbled upon a company that not only has an awesome name but that I love!

Keep Calm and Stitch On has amazing handmade products that any preppy girl would go crazy for!

The products that the company offers are ridiculously adorable. I have a pair of the monogrammed norts and I love them! They are so comfy and colorful. Most importantly, though, they are great for a workout while keeping me looking stylish.

I also love the monogrammed pillow cases that the shop offers. I can’t wait to redo my room after I graduate and get myself some of those!

Additionally, the monogrammed bath towels are not only adorable but would make a great housewarming gift for any preppy girl that gets a new place!

Finally, the monogrammed pocket t-shirt is a great way to be comfy, stylish, and make a statement. I adore the way the pocket stands out and really emphasizes the monogram with a pop of color. I have gotten a ton of compliments on mine!

This shop undoubtedly has a ton of adorable items that are on my wish list.

What are your favorite Keep Calm and Stitch On items?





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