Nighttime Routines for Easier Mornings

After a long week, I now how hard it can be to get up in the morning. Especially during the winter when your bed is warm and the rest of the world is really cold, it seems so appealing to hit the snooze button and catch some extra, cozy zzz’s.

How about setting your alarm for a little later, though? You may think there is no wiggle room to sleep in later, but there definitely is! All it takes is some careful planning and a productive night time routine.

Here are some tips to a nigh time routine that will make your morning easier:

  1. Pack your bag for the next day – put everything you need in your bag the night before so you don’t need to worry about it the next morning. Make sure you have everything like your wallet, cosmetic case, ID, and anything else you might need.
  2. Charge your phone overnight – there is almost nothing worse than a dead phone. To prevent it, charge your phone overnight to start the next day with a full battery!
  3. Lay out your clothes – put out your clothes (down to the undies and socks!) so that you don’t have to debate what to wear for a long time the next morning. Be sure to check the weather and plan accordingly! Also, iron anything that may need it.
  4. Get your makeup ready – I always put out my makeup the night before so I’m not scrambling around in my makeup bag the next morning when I’m half asleep. This way, you can do your makeup easily and quickly.

If you follow these night time steps you’re sure to have a much simpler morning and be able to get a few extra minutes of sleep!

nighttime routine


One thought on “Nighttime Routines for Easier Mornings

  1. Great tips! When I kept an early and consistent morning work schedule, I would also do many of these “night-before planning” tips. I would pack my lunch, pick out clothes and lay out any and everything I could think of that I needed to take to work but was sure I would forget in the morning. It’s amazing what that extra time can allow you to do in the morning!

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