Beauty Blitz: Everyday Makeup

I have never been a huge makeup wearer, and my makeup applying skills are pretty limited.

However, I definitely have favorite makeup products that I couldn’t live without.

These products are ones I use during my every day makeup routine. I find them to be easy to use and they make my makeup look good.

Here are my absolute must-haves:


  1. Sephora makeup brushes – these are the best brushes for makeup! I love the eyeshadow one and the powder one too. I’ve had mine a long time and clean them all the time with warm water and a gentle face cleanser.
  2. Maybeline XXL Mascara – there are so many variations of this mascara, and I’ve tried a bunch and love them all! The double wand works to separate and curl my lashes and coat them well with mascara without making them clumpy.
  3. Light pink eye shadows – This shade of shadows is the one I use for every day wear. I  have a very, very subtle Paula Dorf shade that I use daily but there are tons of great ones out there! I also like MAC’s Pink Venus.
  4. Nuetrogena Makeup Removing wipes – these are great to make sure that after a long day you get all that gunk off your face! They’re easy and using them can prevent sties and breakouts.
  5. Bobbi Brown eye pencils – I have really small eyes and have a hard time using liquid eyeliner, so I love these creamy eye pencils from Bobbi Brown. They go on really nicely and last forever!

What are the makeup products you couldn’t get through your daily routine without?

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