Although I certainly am in no way wishing for snow (according to me, it’s acceptable once a year…at most), I have recently been remembering a really special snow experience.

Since I was about two, my family has owned a house in Vermont. When I was little, we used to go there almost every weekend. I remember the three hour drives giggling with my sister and eating Happy Meals, cozying up with my family in our little VT house, being bored at antique and furniture stores while my parents shopped, and always ordering the same thing at our favorite restaurant Laney’s (I always had Muppet’s Pizza).

Almost every time we are in Vermont we go shopping in Manchester and it is always so much fun. One time a few years ago, we were in the midst of shopping when it started lightly snowing.

As we were walking from store to store outside, my dad, my sister and and I noticed how beautiful the snowflakes were. They weren’t blobs of snow like the flakes usually are, but instead perfectly shaped and crystalized snowflakes like you see in pictures, each one different and unique.

This was such a cool moment to share with my family and probably my favorite ever memory of Vermont. I think about it every winter and definitely every time it snows.

It is certainly a winter memory I will never, ever forget.

What are your favorite winter memories?


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