Currently Loving – Christmas Edition

I love Christmas and now that I’m home I’m really getting into the Christmas spirit. Last night I decorated the tree and made Christmas cupcakes. There are so many things at this time that I love. Here are the things I currently cannot live without (holiday edition!):


  1. Christmas music  – I love Christmas music so much! I listen to holiday Pandora a lot and have listened to the Hilary Duff Christmas CD about 6 times since I got home.
  2. Candy canes – yum!
  3. Wrapping gifts – I find wrapping gifts to be so fun. I love making them look perfect with ribbon and bows.
  4. Christmas ornaments – I love looking at all my family’s ornaments we’ve collected over the years. They always bring back great memories. Our Winnie the Pooh ones are my favorite.
  5. Christmas cookies – this is the best time of the year to bake, by far! It’s the best time to go over the top…I can’t wait to try a bunch of recipes that are flooding my Pinterest Christmas board.

What are your favorite things about the Christmas season?

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