The Heart of Christmas Movie

I love Christmas and mostly everything about it.  The decorations, the gift giving, the music, and of course all the Christmas movies and specials.

The other night in the midst of completing my papers and projects for finals, I put on a random Christmas movie that I found on Netflix Watch Instantly under “Holiday Favorites”.

The movie was called The Heart of Christmas and it was such an amazing movie!

I will say that the acting wasn’t the best…it got a little corny at times…but the message and story of the movie was so touching. Without giving too much away, it was about and little boy who had Leukemia and wanted one last Christmas, so his friends and family decided to give it to him in October! Also, this is based on the real story of Daxe Locke.

I will warn you, however, that this movie is super sad as much as it is good, as I’m sure you could have guessed. Meaning that I cried when I watched it. Hysterically. But in a good way!

If you’re looking for a new Christmas movie to watch this season besides all of the regulars I highly recommend this one! It is a sad but amazing story with an even better message to be aware of during the holidays.



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