Lessons from a York Hill Commuter

This is my second year as a York Hill commuter, and I have to say, it has taught me a lot.

To those of you readers who do not go to Quinnipiac, let me explain. York Hill is the upperclassmen campus here, and all of my classes take place at the main campus, Mount Carmel, which is about 5 minutes away.

I take the shuttle to travel back and forth between the two, and unlike much of the rest of the York Hill population, I don’t mind the shuttle too much. And like I said before, it has taught me a lot.

Here are the lessons that being a YH commuter has taught me over the last year and a half:

  1. The daily travel can set the tone – while my mornings usually begin with the travel from YH to MC, it can really set the tone for the entirety of the day. If I encounter friendly individuals and friends on the shuttle, by the time I get to campus for class, I am usually in a great mood, and vice versa. That is why I always try to be friendly to my friends as well as strangers on the shuttle. You really never know when you are setting the tone for someone else’s day.
  2. People are absolutely c r a z y! – Sometimes fighting your way on to the shuttle when there are a bunch of people waiting at the stop is scarier than being in the middle of a mosh pit…really though! People will literally push you out of the way to get onto the shuttle before you.This has just served as a reminder to me that people are absolutely crazy and sometimes have a skewed perspective. Getting onto the first shuttle that comes may be a convenient small victory but is it worth pushing other people to do it? Not really. I let those people be an example to me to not sweat the small stuff.
  3. My phone is extremely entertaining – this is a really shallow lesson, but hey, I get bored waiting at that shuttle stop! Thank goodness for Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and the “With Friends” games!
  4. Being early is always a plus – I am so lucky that I have actually never been late to class because of the shuttle (this is not something many QU students can say!). This is because I always plan accordingly and leave myself ample time to get on a shuttle and get to class. Usually I even have time to stop at the caf and do some work in between. Traveling to Mt. Carmel each day for classes has been a great way to teach me better planning, scheduling, and time management skills. Most importantly, it has shown me that when in doubt, be early.
  5. Always say thank you – one of my biggest pet peeves in life is impolite people. It literally irks my soul to watch people exit the shuttle without telling the driver thank you. I am always sure to say thank you when I get off the shuttle (as well as hello when I get on!). Sure, this might be that person’s job to drive the bus, but that doesn’t mean it is appropriate to be impolite. I wouldn’t want to drive a huge bus all day full of complaining college students, and we are lucky to have this service available to us! The best part of being on the shuttle every day for me is that it has shown me how very, very important it is to always say a simple thank you.You never know how far it can go with someone!

Who would have thought something as simple as a shuttle ride could have taught someone so much?!

What lessons do you learn from everyday routines?



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