The Best Quarter Zips

 I think that one of the cutest looks when you want to be comfy yet stylish is wearing jeans, a plain long sleeve t, and a quarter zip on top.

There are a ton of super cute quarter zip options out there. From slim fit pullovers in girly hues to over sized ones, you just can’t go wrong with this fashion choice!

Here are three of my favorite quarter zips to choose from:

  1. Vineyard Vines – I love that VV makes a woman’s version of their classic quarter zip. It is slim fitting and comes in really cute colors, so it is an adorable wear for sure. Another option that I love from VV is the men’s Shep Shirt quarter zip…but for women! It’s oversized, cozy, and kind of perfect. I’ve also seen girls get their sorority letters embroidered on this option which is super cute!
  2. Patagonia – these are ultra warm and soft. Also, they come in so many nice colors and have great pockets.
  3. Ralph Lauren – this is another men’s pull over that I think happens to look great on girls! This is adorable to wear with leggings and is great because it has a sweater feel.

A quarter zip that I want to spotlight, though, is from Charleston Monograms. I just got one and it’s super comfy, unique, and totally preppy.

Charleston Monogram offers personalized products that I love. The quarter zips have your initials on them which is super cute. You get to pick the pull over color as well as the thread color which is amazing, because everything about it is up to you!

I love how this shop is mother-daughter owned and run. That fact just makes shopping with them that much more fun!

The classically monogrammed 1/4 zips are great, as are the patterned ones! They are all completely adorable. Besides the pattern/color option, mine fits perfectly…I love the sizing.

This shop has a ton of super cute stuff, but I think that this soft, cozy, fashionable pull over is the best they have to offer!

Patagonia | Vineyard Vines

Ralph Lauren | Charleston Monograms

 charleston mongorams

charleston monograms


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