Good Reads Account

I have recently discovered Good Reads accounts. I have one thing to say about them….they are awesome!

The idea of Good Reads is that it allows you to rate, track, and find books that you’ve read or want to read.

You get to choose genres that you are interested in and rate books you’ve already read in order for your account to be personalized and to lead you to books you might like, based on prior interests.

This is a great innovation for any avid reader. I love it in order to track books I’ve already read and what I’m currently reading. The best part of it is finding more and more books that interest me and being able to keep a running of list of them to easily pull up when I’m at the book store.

Especially around Christmas time, it’s great to share your account with loved ones so that they can get some ideas of reads to buy you!

One of the best things about this awesome site is that there is also an iPhone app for it, making it even easier to use when you are out and about!

I hope you get as much use out of this uh-may-zing site/app as I have!



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