Books on my Shelf: Stolarz Series

As I just finished the latest season of Pretty Little Liars, I am on a mystery/thriller/suspense/drama/secrets kick. This obsession has brought me back to a former obsession, in book form.

When I was younger, I read an amazing series that was creepy, thrilling, and kept me guessing. I remember picking up the book in the store and then putting it back, then picking it up again, intrigued by it. That day, I decided not to buy it, but as soon as I got home I wished I had.

Before I went on vacation later that week, I just needed to have that book, so I made my mom go get it for me. For some reason I was so drawn to it.

I ended up so glad I got it, as I finished it before even leaving for vaca. All of the books in the series are those that you simply can’t put down because you need to know what’s going to happen next.

I’m referring to the Stolarz series. The first book is called Blue is for Nightmares and it begins with a simple statement that leaves you begging for more: “I know your secret…”

Following the creepy story of a girl at boarding school who has secrets and experiences lots of drama, this is one of my favorites series ever.

Although it is a young adult novel, whether you’re 15 or 50 I recommend reading these books if you enjoy a good thrill.

Consider this a warning though, Blue is for Nightmares might give you a few nightmares of your own. Don’t let that discourage you from reading though…the story is more than worth the scare!

Happy reading!



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