Words of the Week: Want vs Have

As Christmas draws closer, I finally sent my mom (aka Santa!) my Christmas list the other day. It took me so long to come up with a list of things to give her.

I spent so long thinking of the things I want for Christmas. Shoes I want, clothes I want, jewelry and bags that I want.

While I was making this list I started to think about the fact that I have everything anyone could ever want. I have a million material things, from brand name bags to cute clothes to great tech accessories.

Further, and more importantly, than that, though, I have so many people that love me in my life. I have an amazing family and great friends that would do anything for me. I have a great life provided to me by my parents and I am receiving an awesome education here at Quinnipiac. I have every opportunity I could ever imagine at my fingertips. To sum it up, I have so much more than many others do and I am so very, very lucky.

This holiday season, as you are thinking of all of the things you want to be under the tree on Christmas morning, remember to be grateful of all the things you already have – material or not.


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