Winter Comfort Foods

Even though it didn’t particularly feel  like a winter day today (helllooooo 55 degrees in December!), that doesn’t mean the season isn’t upon us!

Since it is, in fact, winter, that means many things. From Christmas carols to candy canes, from scarves and mittens to Frosty the Snowman, it is a time for many, many fun things that can only be celebrated this time of year.

Another great part of this year is winter comfort food. There is really nothing quite like snuggling up by the fire in front of a good movie or with a good book eating something delicious that encompasses the taste and feel of the season.

Here is my perfect winter comfort meal:

  1. Broccoli cheddar or French onion soup with crackers – I am usually not a soup lover but these are perfect for the winter!
  2. Green bean casserole – yum! Green beans are one of my favorite things to eat and I love this classic holiday dish!
  3. Pudding pie – what could be better than pudding, pie, and whipped cream all blended into one to top off this decedent meal?! Nothing!!

What are your favorite winter comfort foods that taste like the season to you?

comfort foods

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