MonkeyLu Monograms

Recently I got a monogrammed pocket t-shirt from MonkeyLu Monograms…and I can’t say enough great things about it!

Not only is it completely adorable, it’s also incredibly comfy. I love wearing it to the library to do some studying or while I’m just popping around campus.

love MonkeyLu Monograms and have two very favorite things about this shop that truly set it apart from the rest.

First, the shop not only ha a ton of really cute stuff for adults, but also unique and, not to mention, adorable items for kids and babies. I love the personalized bibs as well as the Christmas inspired shirts (see below). This is a perfect shop to keep in mind for when you need a baby gift that will stand out from a typical onesie or blanket.

Next, I love the fact that you can order many of these items in bulk. For example, the shop offers unisex v-neck monogrammed t-shirts to be bought it different integers, such as one, five, ten, twelve, and so on. This is a great feature for when you need more than one shirt, for example if several sorority sisters want them or even for a bridal party. Such an awesome option to include!

If you’re looking for a high quality, super preppy, and ultra comfy monogrammed shirt (and really, who isn’t?!) look no further than MonkeyLu Monograms!


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