Monday Getaway: NYC

As the tree lighting passed last week, I continue to find myself wishing I was enjoying Christmas time in New York City. Even though I have never lived in the city, it’s something I can see myself doing more and more right now, on a temporary level (meaning I would not ever want to live there long term!).

Since the city seems to allude a holiday spirit unlike anywhere else, with all the decorations, ice skating rinks, little shops at parks, and of course the famous, enormous tree at Rockefeller Center, I find myself wishing I could spend time there now to get more into the holiday spirit and enjoy the feeling of the season.

While this might not be the typical Monday getaway since the city is only a couple of hours away from school, it is still one I’m currently craving.

Also since I just watched Eloise at the Plaza yesterday, it’s made me wish I was at that hotel living in the laps of luxury!

Instead of going to class today, I wish I could be roaming the streets of the city, seeing the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, and ice skating while adoring the huge Christmas tree.



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