Winnsome Clutch Giveaway

I recently received a beautiful clutch from Winnsome Charming Accessories. It is very preppy, more than convenient for a stylish girl on the go, and completely adorable! I’ve already used mine several times and I love the way it looks both dark and light colors. It’s also great to stick in my bag when I’m running errands and just bringing the clutch into the store with me for convenience.

This shop has tons of unique and adorable clutches. I have one of the Bow Tie ones (perfect for me, since I heart bows!) but there are tons more to choose from if that’s not your style!

I love the leopard choice and of course the monogrammed option. Also, the black and white ones are perfect to match with any outfit.

These are super stylish and also useful accessories that I think every girl could use a few of in her closet. You never know when you’re going to need a small purse for an event and it’s great to have these when you don’t feel like lugging around a big purse.

These fit all of the essentials – money, credit and debit cards, bobby pins, your phone, and lip balm. They are also really sturdy and not flimsy like a bunch of other clutches I’ve looked at.

I am so excited to be doing a Winn Some giveaway! I have one of the black and white clutches to give away. It’s adorable and matches everything and has an irresistable pink Lilly Pulitzer pattern on the inside. Simply fill out the widget below to enter! Good luck!

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