Darien Sport Shop: Spotlight on Smathers & Branson

Having been a Connecticut resident my entire life (and for that matter, a resident of Fairfield County), I’ve always adored Darien Sport Shop. Filled with brands such as Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, Jack Rogers, Kate Spade, and many, many more, it’s a preppy girl’s dream.

That being said, although it is always hard to peruse their items without buying any for myself (that’s what Christmas lists are for, right?!), it is a fantastic place to look for gifts.

From boyfriends to friends to parents to siblings, there is certainly something there for everyone.

One of the best brands they have to offer this year as far as gifts go is Smathers & Branson. Especially if there is a special guy in your life – whether it be a boyfriend, dad, brother, grandfather, cousin, or friend – they are sure to love these classic yet unique needlepoint items.

Darien Sport Shop sells a ton of items from this brand, which means there is a lot to choose from!

I really like the wallets that they offer. There are a bunch of designs to choose from, but I am partial to the Yellow Lab choice. These wallets are a fun twist on a necessary accessory for guys.

The hats are also a great gift choice. I mean, what guy doesn’t wear hats?! These are very stylish while maintaing a sporty look.

The coasters that Smathers & Branson offers are a fabulous home gift for a guy’s bachelor pad. Any preppy man would adore the American Flag designed coasters, as they showcase the evolution of the American flag – the symbol of the best country in the world.

Since we all love seeing our men dressed up, the incredibly spiffy S&B cufflinks are another perfect gift choice! The penguin links are perfect for winter.

The belts are my personal favorite gift idea from S&B for your man. The Bow Tie Belt (shown below) feeds my bow obsession (in man form!) and there are many belt designs to choose from. These are super durable and go with almost any outfit and are sure to allow your guy to stand out from the crowd – in a good way!

Finally, I adore the Christmas ornaments that Darien Sport sells from S&B! What a great stocking stuffer for one preppy tree! I love the sailboat one for a nautical guy.

Can you possibly resist these fabulous gifts? I can’t!



darien sport shop has all these fabulous S&B styles!

darien sport shop has all these fabulous S&B styles!

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