L.T. Trinkets

So I recently received some awesome merchandise from a really preppy boutique that I wanted to share with you.

L.T. Trinkets offers many irresistible gems that are all handmade, which is the part I love best.

The shop has many things to choose from, from jewelry to coasters to hair accessories, all of which are a great piece to add to any outfit!

I love the coasters, and have them in my dorm room. They are perfect to keep my desk from getting all wet from drinks and are also super cute. They are a Lilly Pulitzer fabric and are super preppy.

I also am so excited about the Lilly Pulitzer necklace that I got. It is a truly great piece because not only is it really fun and cute to wear, but it is also practical and durable. This is a great jewel to add to a simple outfit if you’re looking to add a splash of color (and really, who isn’t?).

The service of this shop is unmatched, as the owner is so nice, very communicative, and very accommodating. She clearly has a passion for her artwork and products and is committed to her customers, which is totally refreshing!

I would highly recommend ordering any of these products!

love the idea of dressing up flip flops this way!

love this adorable frog!



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