Books on my Shelf: A Thanksgiving Break Read

This break, I have been taking advantage of my time off and reading. So far I finished one book and started another. The first one, I think is a truly inspiring story that is great for the season because it reminded me to always be thankful.

A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard is the memoir of the tragic happenings of her life. Dugard was kidnapped at age 11 and held in captivity for the next 18 years, being forced to endure impossible circumstances that most of us could not even begin to imagine.

The way that Dugard shares her story is genuinely inspiring and completely unforgettable. She sheds light on the fact that although she has undergone so much pain and suffering in her life, she is still able to find the good and be thankful for what she now has, post abduction.

This is such an eye-opening story that reminds you how blessed you are to have your safety, be surrounded by your family, and maintain a sense of self.

This is a truly riveting story that I recommend to anyone. Reading this helped me to recognize what a strong woman Jaycee Dugard is and the exploitation of what her abductors did to her is an important factor that should be hidden from no one.

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