Holiday Cards

With the Christmas season beginning very soon (yay!) I am so excited for my family to send out our Christmas cards this season. We’ve had them since August (hilarious right?? I’m surprised we haven’t lost them) and they are super cute. I designed them for us on Tiny Prints, which is one of the cutest stationery sites.

There are tons of sites out there to order super cute holiday cards on, though. Tiny Prints is just one that has a ton of designs to choose from. It’s almost impossible to find one you don’t like.

Another great site for them is Card Store (right now all of there holiday cards are 70% off!). They, too, have many patterns and options and also they have many cute ones that are not for photos which is really nice.

Card Store also carries the Taylor Swift cards which are super cute. I love the Christmas ones and most of them can be personalized with a name like the one shown below.

I also really like Shutterfly and know a lot of people get their cards from there. I really like their flat photo cards.

Snapfish is another fantastic site to order from, and they also have really great prices and offers. I love the green and red chevron holiday card shown below.

Finally, Vista Print surprisingly has really cute cards. When I think of Vista Print I always think of business cards, but I recently saw a commercial for their holiday cards and then went onto their site to check them out and they’re super cute and also very reasonably priced. Right now they’re also having a 50% off sale on the cards so it’s a good time to buy some.

Additionally, I got some super cute Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch cards the other day when I was out shopping that I can’t wait to give out to friends and family this holiday season.

Where is your favorite place to get Christmas and holiday cards from?

great snapfish choice!

an enchanting taylor swift card


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