Beauty Blitz: Lip Balms

Although my sister thought it was the weirdest thing ever that I was going to do a post dedicated to lip balms, I think it’s helpful especially during the winter season where the cold air constantly chaps and flakes your lips (gross!).

Here are my top five favorite that actually work:

  1. C.O Bigelow overnight treatment – this is the best lip balm to put on before you go to sleep to work on chapped lips or keep them soft. You can find this one at Bath & Body Works.
  2. Sun Bum – this is a great lip balm that not only keeps your lips soft but will put you in a tropical state of mind
  3. Vaseline – plain old Vaseline is one of the easiest and best solutions for perpetually chapped lips from the cold
  4. Carmex – this is probably the strongest lip balm for when your lips are unbearable
  5. Burt’s Bees – Although this one sometimes makes my lips sting, it’s definitely one of the best when it comes to finding cold and the wind and keeping your lips super soft

What are your favorite lip balms to ward off the cold air?

One thought on “Beauty Blitz: Lip Balms

  1. I’m actually IN LOVE with the C.O Bigelow menthol lip glosses… I swear it’s all I wore for 2 years straight! I use blistex medicated lip ointment when my lips are in dire need of moisture. Great post! Great picks!

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