Words of the Week: Enjoying Life

I have chosen these words of the week in honor of Thanksgiving break.

So often I forget to calm down and actually enjoy what’s going on around me. Being honest, I have a very hard time relaxing.

Especially now that it is break and I actually have the time to sit down, relax, and do everything I want to do…it’s been really great. It is so unusual to not have to rush around or feel guilty when I’m doing something relaxing like reading. Whenever I’m at school, when I’m taking time to do things for me I often think that I should be doing something else like school work. Being home, I have the ability to let my mind relax and do things for fun without feeling like I’m infringing upon other things that should be getting done.

While I am slowly but surely working on taking more “me” time on a normal basis, I find it so much easier on designated breaks and they are definitely a great time to reflect on the fact that I should take the time to have fun and enjoy as well as appreciate everything going on around me.

There are so many times where I stress about what the future holds and that I’m not doing enough, working enough, trying hard enough, or good enough for all of the things I hope to achieve in my life. Weeks like these that are full of fun, reflection, and relaxation truly help me to remember that everything will happen in its own good time and that in the mean time I should simply enjoy my life.


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