I’ve often found that a great belt can really pull an outfit together while still keeping it classic and simple. I have a ton of belts in my closet…from ribbon belts to leather belts, and I love them all. I’ve found them over the years here and there and it’s always fun to have the perfect belt for an outfit.
You can find great belts almost anywhere, sometimes in unexpected places. Whenever I see a cute one I usually pick it up, you never know when you’re going to need it to complete an almost-perfect outfit.
Here are some great choices this season (from left to right):

Vineyard Vines fish belt
Tommy Hilfger wool belt
Miss Priss Style Lilly belt
Lilly Pulitzer present belt
Banana Republic hook belt
J.Crew Factory skinny cheetah belt
Kate Spade bow belt
Gap braided belt
Kiel James Patrick braided belt
Eliza B monogrammed belt
McLaughlin buckle belt

These are some really cute options. I love Vineyard Vines belts and my sister and I have a bunch. They are really durable but also really cute and add great color to any outfit. We also have some really cute Eliza B belts which I highly recommend. I love my Kiel James Patrick belt (although it’s one they don’t make anymore) and I get so many compliments on it. Finally, Tommy Hilfiger belts are awesome and there are many of them in my closet.
Who makes your favorite belts? I’m always looking for more.


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