Minky Blankets

 So for a while now, my sister and I have been obsessed with our Minky Blankets. I can’t even begin to explain how soft and comforting they are.

Made for us by a family friend, they are probably the best blanket ever. During the winter I even put mine into my bed underneath my top sheet, so that I can snuggle under it all night long. It’s that nice.

Especially now that it’s beginning to get quite cold, I’ve been using mine a lot. It is just super cozy.

These blankets are also great because they are almost always made to order and customizable. You get to choose a color for the front and one for the back, and most places, now that these blankets are so popular, have patterned minky fabric to choose from.

A few years ago, I purchased one as a Christmas gift. I bought a decent sized one from the Minky Boutique and was really happy with it when it arrived!

If you love snuggling, laying in bed, watching television on the couch, or being warm…I highly recommend one of these blankets. Also, they make fabulous gifts, and the ones from this particular site can be monogrammed and there are many different sizes and styles to choose from. I ordered an adult medium sized one and it is plenty big.

I communicated with the owner a bunch over e-mail when I was ordering mine and she is super nice and helpful. She also has a bunch of new fabric choices that are so adorable:

As a side note, though, if you’re looking to have one by Christmas as a gift, I would highly recommend ordering it now so it gets to you in time, since they are handmade and I’m sure she has a ton of orders.

I always find blankets to be a great gift, and with one as personalized and fabulous as a minky blanket, there’s no way you can go wrong…and it would be a great gift to yourself as well or a nice thing to add to your Christmas list!

my two favorite blankets! my minky is green on one side, white on the other…simplicity at its best


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