The Art of Packing

Since I’m going home for Thanksgiving break on Friday (here at Quinnipiac we’re super lucky to have a nice, long break!) I have already started packing. Yeah, I guess you could say I’m excited!

I have been known to over pack…a lot. Especially when coming home for breaks. Usually half of the stuff I bring home just sits in the bag, still packed up, for the entirety of the break. Then I schlep it back to school, bring it home the next time, and the cycle repeats itself.

So this break, I am making a big effort to pack concisely. Here are some guidelines I’m using:

  1. Pack what you need – things like my computer, chargers, daily medicines and vitamins, my stuffed bear that I sleep with every night, my wallet, planner, and homework need to come home, so those things will definitely be packed.
  2. Be realistic – half of the things I shove into a bag I end up not even using, so I’m trying to be realistic about what I’m actually going to wear and use. If I can definitely or most likely see myself wearing it over break, I will pack it. If not, it stays at school.
  3. Things to stay – Since I will be home just a few short weeks after Thanksgiving for Christmas, many of the things I’m packing will be left home until next semester, reducing the things I need to bring home for the next break.
  4. Give yourself a limit – I am limiting myself this break to one large duffel bag, a backpack for school items, and my purse for luggage to bring home. That makes space precious and really causes me to be picky about what comes with me, thus bringing not much more than the essentials.
  5. Be organized – I have made several lists of what I actually need to bring home, categorized into: school, clothes, toiletries, and miscellaneous. This will help me pack more concisely as well as remember those random things such as jewelry and my camera that I would otherwise forget.

Overpacking is a huge flaw of mine, but I am making a real effort to get better about it, mainly through using these tips.

What are your favorite packing methods?

duffels from left to right: ame & lulu, sloane ranger, & vera bradley


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