Preppy Product: Scout Bags

A really great preppy product is the Scout bags. If you’re interested in durable, brightly colored, all-around adorable bags, these are right up your alley.

They are made by Bungalow Co and my mom first introduced them to me when she saw them at a Lilly Pulitzer store a few years ago. Then, last year in my town they had a pop-up store for the holidays. How cool is that?!

They have so many great items, I find something new every time I go on the site. From cosmetic cases to storage bins to tote bags to tablet cases, they have everything you could ever need.

I’m a big fan of the Weekender bag, it has a great shape to it and comes in great patterns.

Also, they have awesome coolers that would be great for a day at the beach or a football tailgate.

To sum it up, they have so much awesome stuff! With Christmas coming up, this is great stuff to put on your list or get for someone else. Like I said, it’s super durable and will last you forever.

PS – I love the logo! Reminds me of my little dogs!


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