Going Out and Keeping Tidy

Ever go out on a weekend night and wake up the next morning to your dorm or apartment looking like a disaster area?

Welcome to my freshman year of college weekends. Okay, and sophomore year as well.

There is just something about the frazzled time of getting ready for a night out and getting back after a long evening that prompts a free for all when it comes to order, or rather, lack thereof.

Over time, I’ve made it my goal to keep things neat and tidy while getting ready to go out so after a fun Saturday night I don’t wake up to a Sunday morning filled with annoyance and cleaning.

Here are some simple steps to keeping your living space from turning into a wreck-yard when preparing for some fun:

  1. Lay out everything in advanced – before even showering for the night, I lay everything  I will need out. From my clothes down to my makeup brushes, I put everything in order on my bed, vanity, and desk to ensure I’m not ripping through clothes, shoes, and my make up to find what I need.
  2. Don’t do things at the last minute – waiting until the last minute to find that purse you want to take for the night or your ID can cause a huge mess. If you haven’t laid everything out, at least make sure you definitely know where it is.
  3. Pack up everything before – put everything you need for the night in your purse or wristlet before you start drinking or even get ready. I usually use my Michael Kors iPhone clutch when I’m going out and it’s so perfect and convenient. Before I even shower, I put my ID, money, and phone in it to ensure I won’t forget anything right before I leave.
  4. Make sure everything has a home – having an organized room with order to it always helps this process. Making sure everything has a home can keep everything from getting sloppy. This way, after you are finished doing something, for example, blow drying your hair, you can make sure you put your blow dryer back where it goes rather than just leaving it laying around, creating an unnecessary mess. (Check out these tips to organize like a pro!)
  5. Have everything for after ready – before I get ready, I have everything for when I get home for the night all set. I lay out my pajamas, peel back my covers, set my alarm for the next morning, leave out my make up remover, and have a water on my night stand. It might sound weird to be ready to end the night essentially before it begins, but believe me, it saves a lot of annoyance. Once getting home for the night, I know I want nothing more than to just climb directly into bed, and this allows me to do just that.

A night out on the town is always a great treat, but waking up to a mess…isn’t. Use these tricks to keep your living space neat and tidy while having a great time.

love those heels with the bows in the back!


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