Bows Galore

A large understatement is saying that I love bows. I love bows on my clothes, on my jewelry, on my accessories.

I have bags with bows, sweaters with bows, shirts with bows, rings with bows, bracelets with bows, shoes with bows…it goes on and on.

For some reason I’ve always been drawn to products with bows on them. Big bows, floppy bows, petite bows, perfect bows, I just love them. They are hands down one of my biggest obsessions.

Anyways, below are some super cute bow pictures and products. I love that bow bathing suit!

Also, the I have the Kate Spade bow bangle (bottom right). It was a gift from my fabulous best friends (aren’t I lucky to have such great friends?!). It is such a great piece of jewelry…simple but gets so many compliments.

I also have really pretty bow rings that I love. Additionally, I have a perfect white tank top with a big white bow in the middle that I’m convinced possesses the power to bring on great days whenever I wear it.

Another great classic bow piece are the Tiffany’s bow earrings. They are so simple and a great piece to add to an outfit.

Finally, I’m in love with the new Kiel James Patrick bracelet line that debuted earlier this wee. It’s the Vicker’s Bow Collection and they are uh-dor-able. Definitely going on my Christmas list!

Bows, bows, bows…I simply can’t resist them!

could they be any more adorable?


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