Beauty Blitz: Best Lotions

Especially now that winter is here to beat up on our skin, lotion is as important as ever. I love that feeling of having super soft skin after you apply lots and lots of lotion after getting out of the shower. Smelling extra good is an added plus.

I’ve had a lot of lotions fill my bathroom, and I have to say that I’m much more impressed with some than with others.

For example, I’m not all that keen on the Philosophy brand ones. They have really cute packaging and names, but the product, to me, is just kind of…blah. I also was tricked by them once, applying lotion all over my legs that left me walking around with sparkles all over me, as if I was dressing up as a fairy, except it was not Halloween.

Anyways, I obviously have my lotion preferences, and dare I say favorites. In case you were interested, here they are!

  1. Body Drench – this is my all time favorite one. It has such a clean scent and always leaves me feeling soft and really reduces dryness. Also, I love the peppermint scented one they have out during the holidays!
  2. Exotic Coconut – this is a Bath & Body Works lotion, and is a part of their Signature Collection. This means that while you can always buy it online, this scent is not always available at the store. That means, when they have it out for their semi-annual sale, I buy about 12 bottles each time to ensure I never run out. I just love the scent of coconut!
  3. Aveeno Stress Relief – in my opinion, this is the best lotion you can find in drug stores. It has the subtle smell of lavender and is so great for dry skin, especially in the cold. Also, it’s hypo-allergenic which is awesome!
  4. Eucalyptus Mint – this is another from B&B Works (if you can’t tell, I love that store!). This one has such a great smell, my sister and I buy everything in it – the Wallflowers, the body wash, and most importantly the lotion. I’m not sure if this actually reduces stress but it definitely makes you smell good all day long, not just for a few minutes after you use it like many other lotions.
  5. OPI Avo Juice – this is a great hand lotion that I always keep sitting on my desk at school. They come in a bunch of fun scents and it really does help dry hands – a lot!

Good luck staying soft and smooth instead of dry and cracked as the cold months begin!

What are your favorite lotions and scents?


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