Words of the Week: Worrying Less

This week’s words are some that I definitely need to work on not only listening to better but applying them to my own life. There are so many times where I senselessly worry…about a million different things.

I have always been a worrier, since I was a child. I used to worry about the craziest things when I was little and I think I worry about even crazier things now.

Just yesterday I was complaining to my dad on the phone how concerned I am over the possibility of it snowing this week. I’ve been checking weather.com obsessively..and for what?! Why does it even matter to me? And whether I worry about it or not, the weather will do what it wants.

All worrying does is cause anxiety and angst. Obsessing over things that you cannot change does not make you feel better and it will not change the outcome.

So why take away from your happiness and allow your mind to stress?

Although it’s something I struggle with, I’m working on letting go of my worries and simply letting things happen. Regardless of which way things go, everything always works out, and in moments of doubt and concern I find it helpful to remember that.

With that said, it is important to enjoy your life and let this quote inspire you to let go of the things you’re mind has been uselessly obsessing over.



One thought on “Words of the Week: Worrying Less

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