Preppy Product: Salmon Cove

I recently got my first piece of clothing from Salmon Cove and I love it! It is a simple, white long sleeve polo and it received so many compliments when I wore it because it looks great with almost anything – a vest, a cardigan, a cable knit sweater, and not to mention any jewelry and accessories that my heart desires.

This clothing and accessories company has a ton of cute stuff to choose from. All of it is simple, classic, and of course – preppy.

They also have awesome clothing styles for men. I love the button downs (one of them featured below) and I think that any of their selections would make a great gift for your preppy guy.

Salmon Cove has amazing customer service that I really enjoyed corresponding with. That is one of the most refreshing things about this company (besides the amazing products). Good customer service that includes two-way communication is sometimes so scarce that it is important to acknowledge it when you find it.

Purchasing products from Salmon Cove won’t only be a pleasant experience, but you will love the quality and elegance of their products once you get them. I highly recommend shopping this amazing line!


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