Preppy Bedrooms

As you very well know, I’m so addicted to Pinterest.

One of my favorite things to look at on there lately is adorable bedroom ideas. Color schemes, furniture, and decoration ideas are abundant on the site. I find them all the time and it is really reminding me that my room at home needs some serious revamping!

These are also great ideas for when I move out once I get settled with a job and start living on my own! Weird how that is in the not-so-distant future!

Here are some of the most inspiring bedrooms I’ve found so far:

so girlie!

pink and green is always adorable

love the bedspread! so cozy for winter

love the color combo with the white!


I can’t decide which I like best, the pink and orange is super cute and totally different than anything I would have thought to piece together, though. I’m sure I’ll find many more ideas as I keep Pinning!


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