Monday Getaway: St. Maarten

This Monday I’m wishing I was somewhere I’ve actually already been – St. Maarten!

I had a great family vacation there a few summers ago and it was absolute paradise. The beach was great, we had amazing food, did lots of shopping, and spent lots of fun family time together – it was everything a vacation should be!

Although we stayed on the Dutch side, we did venture over to the French side. My parents have stayed over there several times and wanted to take us shopping. One of my favorite things about the trip was that we went to an amazing bakery and got the most delicious treats. The chocolate filled croissants were to die for! I still fantasize about them! Yum!

As it’s gotten colder and colder here in Connecticut, I definitely am wishing I was basking in the St. Maarten sun!


One thought on “Monday Getaway: St. Maarten

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